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28 Gallon Octagon Aquarium Glass Top

Our first deal here at Aquarium Supply is a biggie! Have a look at this fantastic aquarium table that literally serves up live entertainment! This fish tank measures 45"L X 26"W and is imaginative and functional with a sturdy glass top and octagon shape. It will be sure to turn your living room or office into a show place! Silent, beautiful, ever-moving aquatic habitat creates a relaxing easy-going atmosphere for guests... gets the conversations started at a party or quietly occupies visitors in waiting and reception rooms. Resting on an attractive black pedestal, the optically-clear tank is mysteriously illuminated from below through glass gravel. All surfaces resist scratching and scuffing to give you years of beauty and enjoyment of your underwater world.This item is designed as an aquarium and as decorative furniture. Please note this 28 gallon aquarium can weigh over 300lbs when full so be sure to have a nice secure spot before purchasing. This aquarium is available for purchase today for $599.99 or less, just click the picture directly below...

Midwest Tropical AquaTable Aquarium Octagon (28 gal.; Glass Top: 45

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