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Water Air Pumps

Our next deal from Aquarium Supply is a Whisper Aquarium Air Pump 300 which will work on aquariums of up to 150 gallons! Tetra's strongest air pumps are designed to power air to the deepest depths of any aquarium or terrarium and power multiple air-driven devices and ornaments. These air pump powerhouses are capable of several large air stones, in-tank filters, or even protein skimmers in salt water aquariums up to an amazing 8 ft. deep! Each one is backed by a lifetime warranty.

If you would like to buy these Whisper Water Air Pumps or learn more about this product just click the picture below.

Whisper Aquarium Air Pump 300  - Up to 150 gallon

29 Gallon Aquarium

Our next aquatic deal from Aquarium Supply is a 29 Gallon Aquarium measuring 20.8"L X 19"W X 20.1"H. This Oceanic BioCube Aquarium has all the necessary components built-in, spend your time setting up your ideal environment, then plug it in and enjoy the results! The Oceanic BioCube Aquarium features high-quality components like integrated wet/dry biological filtration with dual overflow intakes, two Coralife compact fluorescent lamps, lunar blue LED lights, remote quick-disconnect ballasts, a UL listed submersible pump with adjustable discharge nozzle and dual fans to dissipate heat. This beautiful aquarium can be used for saltwater or freshwater set-ups. For pricing and availability for this 29 gallon aquarium just click the picture!

Oceanic BioCube 29 Aquarium (20.8

Liquid Reef

This next deal from Aquarium Supply is a large 67.6oz bottom of Liquid Reef. Provide your corals, clams and other reef-building invertebrates precisely the skeletal material they require to grow with this complete supplement. All-in-one solution contains calcium, strontium, magnesium and potassium in approximately the same ratios they occur in natural aragonite. It also makes an excellent source of carbonates. Natural formula increases alkalinity to stabilize pH and contains no phosphate, silicate or organic material. Marine biologist formulated this is a must have for anyone with a coral aquarium. If you would like to buy this Liquid Reef for $34.49 or less just click the picture below...

Liquid Reef - 67.6 oz. - 2 L

Calcium Reactor - Up To 500 Gallons

Our next aquatic deal from Aquarium Supply is a Calcium Reactor that can handle an aquarium of up to 500 gallons! For the expert coral keeper, a calcium reactor is a must-have. This high-tech device will work to keep your calcium at the level of the ocean, so your coral and other calcium-utilizing animals will thrive. This reactor will work manually or automatically, depending on the additional components you are currently using on your aquarium. A self-priming pump is included. Give your coral the calcium they need to look their best. This is the ultimate reactor for the job. If you would like to buy this Calcium Reactor for your aquarium just click the picture!

Calcium Reactor - Up to 500 Gallon

Acid Buffer For Aquarium

Our next deal from Aquarium Supply is a 10.6oz container of Acid Buffer. This Acid Buffer is a non-phosphate and will lower pH and buffer with Alkaline Buffer. Both buffers are designed for the planted aquarium or for very hard water, where phosphate buffers may pose an algae or cloudiness problem. Acid buffer lowers pH and buffers between 5.0 and 8.0 when used with Alkaline Buffer. As Acid Buffer lowers pH it converts carbonate alkalinity (kH) into available CO2. Treats up to 3,000 gallons of water. To lower pH - use 1/4 teaspoon to every 20 gallons of water daily until intended pH is reached (this dose lower alkalinity by about 0.2 meg/L(0.6dkh). Best if added directly to aquarium. If you would like to purchase this Acid Buffer for your Freshwater Aquarium just click the picture below...

Acid Buffer - 10.6 oz. - 300 g

Gravel Substrate For Freshwater Aquariums

This next deal from Aquarium Supply is a 25lbs bad of Gravel Substrate for freshwater aquariums. This premium gravel adds a beautiful touch to your aquarium or fish tank. Designed specifically for use in freshwater aquariums, gravel will not affect water chemistry in any way, and provides a great place for beneficial bacteria to colonize. Whether you're looking for a bright substrate or something for your natural tank, pure water pebbles are exactly what your tank requires. If you would like to buy this Gravel Substrate for your tank just click the picture below!

Freshwater Substrate - Natural Gravel - Rainbow Gems - 25 lb.

Calcium Test For Saltwater

Our next Aquarium Supply deal is a Calcium Tester for your saltwater tank. Calcium is one of the most important components of saltwater and largely determines the growth rate of organisms which form calcareous skeletons. For example, stony corals and calcareous algae in the marine aquarium a regular addition of calcium ions is necessary because of the constant decrease of the calcium concentration caused by the metabolism of the organisms and by precipitation. Careful supervision of the calcium content in the marine aquarium ensures optimal and lifelike living conditions for all calcareous organisms with a sensitivity of 4 mg/l. This calcium-test by Tropic Marin is the most accurate calcium test available. Special reagents intentionally make use of the high magnesium concentration of the seawater which usually interferes with aquarium calcium tests and thus guarantee the outstanding dependability of the results for approx 50 tests. If you would like to buy this Calcium Tester just click the picture below!

TopDawg Pet Supply Saltwater Calcium Test Kit

Aquatic Root Tabs Plant Fertilizer

Our next deal is for those of you with aquatic plants in your aquariums. These quick aquatic plant fertilizer tabs can be placed directly into your pond plants' soil for absorption and enhanced growth. Your plants will flourish with potent Root Tabs. If you would like to buy these Root Tabs just click the picture!

Root Tabs Plant Fertilizer - 10 tabs

Stonewort Plant For Aquarium

Our next deal from Aquarium Supply is a fake Stonewort plant for your aquarium that measures 8-1/2" tall. Aqua Plants are so incredibly life-like that once they're in the aquarium, you can't tell them from the real thing. Even the roots are realistic, with specially designed cup-shaped bases that anchor them in place. These plants are safe for fish and best of all, they won't die, rot, or cause any algae problems. A fantastic and clean way to decorate your aquarium! If you would like to buy this Stonewort plant just click the picture!

Stonewort - Medium - 8 1/2 in.

Ghost House For Fish

Our next deal is a very cool aquarium accessory for someone who has Ghost Knife Fish or Elephant Nose Fish! You see these types of fish use sonar more than their eyes to maneuver around. They also both like to hide, so this clear tube is perfect! The fish get the impression that they are hidden while you enjoy watching your pets instead of search for them in your aquarium! This tube measures 10" x 2" and is available by simply clicking the picture below...

TopDawg Pet Supply Ghost House - Medium 10'' X 2''

Hikari Cichlid Gold Medium Pellet Floating 3.5oz

Or next deal is an Aquarium Supply exclusive! This 3.5oz package of Cichlid Gold medium floating pellets, item number 04320 is available for just $9.49 with free shipping inside The United States! These fish pellets are an excellent daily diet for Cichlids and larger tropical fish. It will even help restore vivid coloration on washed out fish.This pellet fish food includes the highest grade of carotenoid available on the market and the higher natural protein levels for balanced nutrition and excellent growth rates. These Cichlid Gold pellets also contain vitamin c which promotes resistance to stress and immunity to infectious disease. Simply click the blue Buy Now button below to purchase your Hikari Cichlid Gold Floating Pellets!

Vacation Fish Feeder Pyramid

If you are planning on going on vacation for a couple days, but don't want to buy an automatic fish food feeder, check out this next aquatic deal! This vacation pyramid feeds 15 to 20 average sized fish in a ten gallon aquarium for seven to eight days. As the Pyramid dissolves, it releases pelleted fish food. There's even a mid-week feast! A treat of tubifex worms is released on or about the fourth day. Works great in Freshwater and Saltwater aquariums! Do not use in fishbowls or aquariums without adequate filtration and aeration, because water circulation is needed for the pyramid to dissolve properly. If you would like to buy this Vacation Fish Feeder Pyramid just click the picture!

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals 7-Day Pyramid Fish Feeder (0.7 oz.)

Spirulina Flake Food

Our next deal is a great one for individuals with fish that are herbivores. This Spirulina Flake Food is also great as a nutritional supplement for all ornamental species of fish! It is enhanced for all algae grazers and comes in a 5.65oz container, part number 7241. If you would like to buy this Spirulina fish food for your aquarium just click the picture! You can also browse all of our fish food here!

TopDawg Pet Supply Spirulina Flake 5.65oz - Large Flakes

Lighted Betta Tank

Our next deal from Aquarium Supply is a inexpensive Lighted Betta Tank. This tank will hold 1 gallon of water and is 10" tall. It comes complete with cool lights that allow for nighttime viewing of your Betta. Perfect for small children as a night light! Includes a divider and removable lighted hood with 7W bulb. If you would like to purchase this Betta Tank just click the picture! You can also learn more about the Betta Fish Here!

Betta View Brite Kit for Night-Time Viewing - 1 Gallon

Ario 4 Color Air Pump

Oxygenate your aquarium and create an eye catching display at the same time with this next deal from Aquarium Supply. This Ario 4 Colored Air Pump contain a safe illuminating system that light up the air bubbles in the aquarium. They run incredibly quiet and bury completely in the gravel in order to not detract from the beauty of the aquarium. Ideal for young children or to provide unique night lighting. If you would like to buy this Colored Air Pump for your aquarium just click the picture below...

Ario Color 4 Aquarium Air Pump - Red

Cardiff 24 Gallon Aquarium With Light

Our next deal from Aquarium Supply is a stylish 24 gallon aquarium kit with HQI lighting from Cardiff.

This system includes: aquarium, complete filtration system, furniture quality stand, and 150W HQI pendant light.

Create the ultimate conversation piece. Designed with professionally beveled glass, the unique shape is bent to enhance the view from all angles and creates an eye-catching addition to your home or office.

Cardiff Aquarium Features:

  • A complete filtration system- just add water
  • Frameless bullet shaped design with beveled glass edges

    Conveniently hidden filtration system including:

  • Intake venturi protein skimmer
  • Surface-skimming overflow
  • Built in freshwater top-off system
  • Biological, mechanical and chemical filtration
  • Dedicated heater section with constant level water flow
  • Flexible return nozzle with dual outlets
  • Removable beveled glass top

    Stand Features:

    Bring stylish design and elegance into your home with furniture quality stands. Each stand is completely assembled and available in three professional finishes that protect the stand from the aquatic elements.

    Light Features:

    The perfect topper for your Cardiff Aquarium is this stylish Brushed Aluminum Pendant Light. A powerful 150 watt, 14K, HQI bulb is capable of supporting even the most demanding reef inhabitants. Hanging arm, ballast, and 14K lamp are included


  • Aquarium Dimensions: 20"L x 20.5"W x20" H
  • Stand Dimensions: 23"L x 23"W x 29.75"H
  • Volume: 24 Gal/90 Liters
  • Pump recirculation: 395 gph

  • If you would like to purchase this Cardiff 24 Gallon Aquarium with Light just click the picture below...

    Current Usa Cardiff Aquar Sys W/Hqi Lamp Cherry

    Red Slime Remover

    If you have Red Slime in your salt water aquarium this next deal from Aquarium Supply if for you! This Red Slime Remover will get rid of unsightly and potentially dangerous red slime algae (cyanobacteria) from your saltwater tank quickly and safely. Simply mix 1 level spoonful (included) for each 15 gallons with a small amount of water from the aquarium to be treated. Then pour the dissolved solution into the aquarium. Repeat after 48 hours if necessary and then wait at least one week before additional treatments. Be sure to note that this treatment may effect pH and oxygen levels. If you would like to buy this Red Slime Remover just click the picture below...

    Red Slime Remover - Treats 250 to 300 gallons

    Wavemaster Pro

    Our next deal from Aquarium Supply give your fish or coral the feel of the ocean in your aquarium! The Wavemaster Pro helps to encourage spawning and makes sure that corals and other filter feeding organisms access to food.

    The Wavemaster Pro wavemaker offers 4 distinct settings of varying wave motion: By pressing the control button on the left of the front panel, you can sequentially choose one of the 4 wave program options as indicated by the round bicolor (red/green) lights above the program symbols. Red is for Marine mode and green is for Reef mode.

    The Wavemaster Pro also features two wavemaker modes. One mode is for a typical marine fish tank with few invertebrates and the second is for the typical reef tank with predominant numbers of invertebrates. The Reef mode facilitates feeding of invertebrates that live on suspended particles or plankton, by giving sufficient time to feed, without losing the food into the bio-filter or protein skimmer. The Marine mode facilitates feeding by the smallest as well as the largest fish by temporarily switching off all but one of the power heads, while the main pump keeps running the water through the life support systems. As in nature the water currents become weaker during the night, the Wavemaster Pro wavemaker is able to imitate this period with its 8 hour night program that switches automatically to a calmer wave motion.

    Different parts of the reef are characterized by differences in water circulation, which is also reflected in the species composition of a specific area. Depending on whether you wish to simulate a gentle or more turbulent section of the reef or even a varying water motion, the Wavemaster Pro wavemaker enables you to select from its 4 different wave programs for both the marine and the reef aquarium.

    The Wavemaster Pro wavemaker provides 4 power outlets. Outlets P1, P2 & P3 are dedicated power heads to provide random water circulation. Outlet P4 can be set as either a 4th power head (P4) or as a dedicated main filtration system pump (MP). The Wavemaster Pro wavemaker is suitable for power heads or pumps up to a maximum total of 720 Watts including a main pump of up to 360 Watts.

    Wavemaster Pro Wavemaker

    PH Meter

    Any serious aquatic enthusiast needs this next deal from Aquarium Supply, it is a PH Meter that will read your pH level in a snap. Simple to use, simply place the probe in your tank and read the number on the LCD display - you'll receive an accurate, reliable reading to 2 decimal places. Perfect for freshwater, saltwater and reef aquariums. If you would like to purchase this PH Meter from Milwaukee for your tank just click the picture!

    pH Meter with 2 Point Manual Calibration

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