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Calcium Test For Saltwater

Our next Aquarium Supply deal is a Calcium Tester for your saltwater tank. Calcium is one of the most important components of saltwater and largely determines the growth rate of organisms which form calcareous skeletons. For example, stony corals and calcareous algae in the marine aquarium a regular addition of calcium ions is necessary because of the constant decrease of the calcium concentration caused by the metabolism of the organisms and by precipitation. Careful supervision of the calcium content in the marine aquarium ensures optimal and lifelike living conditions for all calcareous organisms with a sensitivity of 4 mg/l. This calcium-test by Tropic Marin is the most accurate calcium test available. Special reagents intentionally make use of the high magnesium concentration of the seawater which usually interferes with aquarium calcium tests and thus guarantee the outstanding dependability of the results for approx 50 tests. If you would like to buy this Calcium Tester just click the picture below!

TopDawg Pet Supply Saltwater Calcium Test Kit

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