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Vacation Fish Feeder Pyramid

If you are planning on going on vacation for a couple days, but don't want to buy an automatic fish food feeder, check out this next aquatic deal! This vacation pyramid feeds 15 to 20 average sized fish in a ten gallon aquarium for seven to eight days. As the Pyramid dissolves, it releases pelleted fish food. There's even a mid-week feast! A treat of tubifex worms is released on or about the fourth day. Works great in Freshwater and Saltwater aquariums! Do not use in fishbowls or aquariums without adequate filtration and aeration, because water circulation is needed for the pyramid to dissolve properly. If you would like to buy this Vacation Fish Feeder Pyramid just click the picture!

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals 7-Day Pyramid Fish Feeder (0.7 oz.)

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