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Wavemaster Pro

Our next deal from Aquarium Supply give your fish or coral the feel of the ocean in your aquarium! The Wavemaster Pro helps to encourage spawning and makes sure that corals and other filter feeding organisms access to food.

The Wavemaster Pro wavemaker offers 4 distinct settings of varying wave motion: By pressing the control button on the left of the front panel, you can sequentially choose one of the 4 wave program options as indicated by the round bicolor (red/green) lights above the program symbols. Red is for Marine mode and green is for Reef mode.

The Wavemaster Pro also features two wavemaker modes. One mode is for a typical marine fish tank with few invertebrates and the second is for the typical reef tank with predominant numbers of invertebrates. The Reef mode facilitates feeding of invertebrates that live on suspended particles or plankton, by giving sufficient time to feed, without losing the food into the bio-filter or protein skimmer. The Marine mode facilitates feeding by the smallest as well as the largest fish by temporarily switching off all but one of the power heads, while the main pump keeps running the water through the life support systems. As in nature the water currents become weaker during the night, the Wavemaster Pro wavemaker is able to imitate this period with its 8 hour night program that switches automatically to a calmer wave motion.

Different parts of the reef are characterized by differences in water circulation, which is also reflected in the species composition of a specific area. Depending on whether you wish to simulate a gentle or more turbulent section of the reef or even a varying water motion, the Wavemaster Pro wavemaker enables you to select from its 4 different wave programs for both the marine and the reef aquarium.

The Wavemaster Pro wavemaker provides 4 power outlets. Outlets P1, P2 & P3 are dedicated power heads to provide random water circulation. Outlet P4 can be set as either a 4th power head (P4) or as a dedicated main filtration system pump (MP). The Wavemaster Pro wavemaker is suitable for power heads or pumps up to a maximum total of 720 Watts including a main pump of up to 360 Watts.

Wavemaster Pro Wavemaker

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