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Sybon Refractometer

If you are a die hard saltwater fish fan you might want to considered getting yourself a Refractometer. This unit will give you the most precise measurement of salinity. This high-tech instrument is used to measure salinity when perfect conditions are needed for breeding, or keeping very delicate corals. This easy-to-use and read device will allow you to keep track of your tank's salinity fluctuations. This Sybon Refractometer also features ATC, automatic temperature compensation that will allow the Refractometer to gauge an accurate measurement in a range of temperatures. Simply look through the eyepiece to measure. If you would like to buy this Sybon Refractometer just click the picture below...

Sybon Refractometer with Automatic Temperature Compensation

Aquazone Plus 200 Ozonizer and Controller

Our next aquatic deal is a Ozonizer, which will help keep your aquarium clean and healthy. Due to its oxidizing capabilities, ozone kills bacteria and other harmful pathogens and breaks down ammonia and organic waste materials, raising the ORP to desirable levels. One of the most visible results of ozone as part of aquarium filtration is the change in water color from an unappealing yellow cast to a healthy looking clear natural color. The Aquazone range of ozonizers is based on a state-of-the art ozone generator, which utilizes high frequency switching technology specially designed for home aquariums. Features a controller so you can control dosing up to 200 mg/hr. Plus version automatically controls the flow of ozone based on a preset ORP. An easy-to-read digital display lets you easily view the current ORP reading. Includes a built-in redox controller and a 250cc air drier. If you would like to buy this Aquazone Plus 200 Ozonizer and Controller just click the picture below!

Aquazone Plus 200 Ozonizer and Controller

Aquarium Driftwood Set

Our next Aquarium Supply deal is a 8 piece set of sinking malaysian driftwood. This beautiful display of driftwood will add character to your aquarium and give your fish a place to hide out. This aquarium driftwood set features 3 small pieces, 3 medium and 2 large. If you would like to buy this driftwood set for your saltwater or freshwater aquarium just click the picture!

TopDawg Pet Supply Sinking Malaysian Driftwood- 8pc Assortment-3ea Small-3ea Medium-2ea Large

Net Breeder For Fry

If you are planing on breeding fish in your freshwater or saltwater aquarium, you should consider getting yourself a Net Breeder. This setup is ideal as a maturation tank for fry, and can be used to isolate injured or aggressive fish as well. It features a new frame style with removable, locking legs and a fine nylon mesh net. This Net Breeder attachment has been engineered to allow optimum water flow that furnishes oxygen and fresh water to the fry. Attaches easily to the side of the aquarium with bendable metal hangers. Measures 6.5" X 4.75" X 5.25". If you would like to buy this Net Breeder for your aquarium just click the picture below...

Net Breeder

Aquarium Water Changer

Our next deal from Aquarium Supply is a must have for anyone with an aquarium that hates the mess of changing the water. This 25' Aquarium Water Changer takes the hassle out of routine aquarium water changes and doubles as a gravel cleaner. Each kit includes a durable plastic gravel vacuum with an attachable hose; as well as an easy faucet connector kit for attaching your vacuum and water changer directly to your home faucet. Simple flow valve allows you to switch quickly from a gravel vacuum to a water changer. Special splash control helps reduce dirty water splashing in the sink. No more dragging heavy buckets throughout your house! If you would like to buy this Aquarium Water Changer just click the picture!

Aquarium Water Changer - 25 ft.

Algae Scraper For Aquarium

The next deal from Aquarium Supply makes cleaning your aquarium a much less daunting task. This 22" long algae scraper allows you to remove algae from the sides of your aquarium with ease. Three interchangeable attachments make this algae scraper essential for all aquarium keepers. The stainless steel scraper is perfect for removing tough algae from glass aquariums while the extra coarse algae pad will clean glass or acrylic aquariums. The rake helps in evenly smoothing out substrate moved by cleaning or aquarium inhabitants. It's like having three tools in one! If you would like to buy this Algae Scraper just click the picture!

Multi-Tool Algae Scraper with 3 Attachments - 22 in.

Marine Substrate - Hawaiian Puka Shell

The next deal from Aquarium Supply is a bag of Marine Substrate full of Hawaiian Puka Shells. These premium marine substrates are taken right from the ocean floor: no added chemicals or dyes. Adds easily to your saltwater or reef tank. Simply choose the variety that looks best in your tank! If you would like to buy this Marine Substrate for your saltwater or reef aquarium just click the picture below!

Marine Substrate - Hawaiian Puka Shell #10 - 15 lb.

Hairgrass Plant

Many of you out there could use this next aquarium deal to beautify and give your fish a hiding spot to help them get away from the stresses of everyday life. The Hairgrass plant is designed to reproduce the beauty of living plants with none of the problems. This unique foreground plant, with its separate planter pods actually provides you with up to 6 independent plants to landscape in rows, in clusters or individually. The cup-shaped pods firmly anchor the plants into the gravel. If you would like to buy this Hairgrass Plant for your aquarium just click the picture!

Hairgrass - 3 in.

Underwater Volcano For Aquarium

This next aquarium decoration from Aquarium Supply is a super cool addition to any tank. Add the beautiful, cool look of an erupting underwater volcano to your aquarium, while aerating your smaller tank with these awesome aquarium ornaments. The Ario Deco Volcano Kit utilizes an Ario 2, red underwater air bubble lighting system, combined with a non-toxic resin volcano ornament to truly create something magical on the bottom of your aquarium. Red bubbles appear to spew from the caldera as a powerful mini Ario air pump powers bubbles to the surface. A built-in Ario Underwater light then illuminates these bubbles, making for an excellent nighttime effect in your tank. The underwater pump & light are independently controlled and do not require a separate aquarium air pump. Simply plug and play! Pump is ideal for aerating aquariums up to 26 gallons, at a depth of 14 inches. This volcano aerator measures 6 in. x 5 in. x 5 in. If you would like to buy this Underwater Volcano From Your Aquarium just click the picture!

Ario Deco Volcano Kit - Medium - Red Ario - 6 in. x 5 in. x 5 in.

Ick Guard

Or next aquarium deal from Aquarium Supply is a must have for anyone with scaleless fish like Loaches or Catfish. Ick Guard II is specially formulated to clear Ick fast on scaleless, small or weak fish. This specially designed formula also guards against secondary infections as a result of wounds left by the ick parasite. No need to raise the water temperature and potentially harm other fish. Safe for freshwater fish and plants of all kinds. Simply add 1 teaspoon per 10 gallons of water. Change 25% of the water before treatment, increase air flow and remove activated carbon during use. Second dose may be added in 24 hours. One bottle of Ick Guard will treat up to 480 gallons! If you would like to buy this Ick Guard just click the picture!

Ick Guard II - 8 oz.

Discus Aquarium Flake Food

Our next aqua deal from Aquarium Supply is a must have for anyone who owns Discus Fish! This flake food is a special designed for Discus Fish and contains all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy and vibrant.

Benefits of this flake include: a balanced nutrition; easy to digest; contains natural pigments, spirulina and stabilized vitamin C; never clouds the aquarium water.

If you would like to buy this Discus Flake Food just click the picture below, if you are look for something else check out all of our Fish Food!

Discus Aquarium Flake Food - 2.24 oz.

Instant Ocean Aquarium Salt

Our next Aquarium Supply deal is a must have for a saltwater aquarium! This Instant Ocean Aquarium Salt bag is enough for a 50 gallon aquarium. Instant Ocean synthetic sea salt contains every necessary major, minor, and trace element and has no nitrates and no phosphates. It was developed through sophisticated biological and chemical testing, and every batch is analyzed to assure consistent high quality. Exceptional solubility, uniform particle size, and outstanding package value have made Instant Ocean salt the choice of aquarists for over 30 years. No other product out performs Instant Ocean salt. If you would like to buy this Instant Ocean Aquarium Salt just click the picture below, it is available in a variety of sizes...

Instant Ocean Aquarium Salt - 50 Gallon - Bag

Bookshelf Aquarium 6.6 Gallons

Our next aquatic deal from Aquarium Supply is a great beginner aquarium at a great price. The Aquatic Edge Bookshelf Aquarium Tank Kit is ready to go out of the box! Just add Gravel, Fish and Water! An excellent choice for the home or office that offers a quick and simple way to get started enjoying fish of all kinds. Slim-designed, seamless plastic tank features rounded corners, creating a beautiful panoramic, crystal clear view of your fish. Looks great anywhere in your home or office!

Approx. Size: 24-1/2” x 9” x 10”.

10-piece Kit includes:
# 6.6 Gallon Crystal Clear Seamless Plastic Bookshelf Tank
# UL Listed Hang-on Power Filter Cleans with both Mechanical and Chemical Filters
# Photo Quality Reversible Background
# Clear Plastic Cover with Easy Feeding Lid
# UL Listed Lighted Hood with 15W Fluorescent Bulb
# Fish Net
# 4-10cc of Water Conditioner

If you would like to buy this 6.6 Gallon Bookself Aquarium for $27.89 or less, just click the picture below...

Aquatic Edge Bookshelf Aquarium Tank Kit 6.6 Gal

Toilet Aquarium Fish N Flush

Ok this next deal from Aquarium Supply is just too cool. If you have ever been sitting on the can wishing you could look at fish, well, wish no longer!

You'll have the coolest bathroom in the neighborhood with the Fish N Flush! This is a fun fashion statement for the homeowner who wants to have something unique... It's a toilet tank AND fish tank all-in-one!

This fully fully functional 2.5 gallon toilet tank has a 2.2 gallon aquarium that can be used to house freshwater fish or saltwater fish. If you don't want fish, use it as a terrarium with plants and small animals such as turtles or lizards, etc. It will entertain children of all ages and could even motivate potty training! In only a few minutes, you can replace your existing toilet tank with this easy to install aquarium. It fits most standard toilets with two-bolt tank to bowl configurations.

This high quality aquarium is constructed of impact resistant clear acrylic and carries a 1 -year warranty! You'll receive the toilet tank with complete flushing system, fish aquarium, lid with built-in feeding door, LED light system, dual undergravel filter with pump, and artifical plants. Just add water, gravel, and fish!

Available with or without LED Light System.

If you would like to buy this Toilet Aquarium from Fish N Flush just click the picture directly below...

Fish'n Flush Toilettank Aquarium With Light

Aquarisol 16oz

The next deal from Aquarium Supply is a bottom of Aquari-Sol from Aquarium Products. This is a scientifically formulated effective treatment of Ich, body fungus, clamped fins, velvet, and sluggishness that can be quite common in lots of different aquarium fish. Used on a weekly basis, Aquari-Sol effectively prevents such diseases from infecting your fish. Contains soluble copper salts and is safe for most plants. Please note that this work on freshwater fish only!

Instructions: Use 12 drops per 10 gallons once a week as a preventative. For treatment of existing problem, raise temperature to 85 degrees and dose the same as above, only daily instead of weekly.

Size: 16 oz. (Treats over 8,000 gallons of aquarium water).

If you would like to buy this Aquarisol just click the picture directly below...

Aquarium Products Aquarisol 16 Oz

Aquarium Cleaning Tool Scraper

Our next deal from Aquarium Supply is a neat tool to have for your aquarium. The revolutionary, all-plastic, Pro- Scraper scrapes off coraline algae and even cleans algae out of old scratches. It is strong enough to remove stubborn algae off of most aquatic surfaces. The extended fiberglass handle allows for a no-mess clean up. It is perfect for glass or acrylic tanks in fresh or saltwater aquariums. The Pro-Scraper is rust proof. The Scraper Head measures 4" long x 3" wide with the entire aquarium scraper measuring 35" long. If you would like to buy this aquarium scraper just click the pictures below...

Pro Scraper Aquarium Cleaning Tool - 35 in.

Goldfish & Koi Flake Food

Our next Aquarium Supply deal is a 7.06 oz container of Goldfish/Koi/Coldwater Fish Flake Food. When fed two to three times daily, this special formula meets all nutritional requirements of cold-water fish and will stay firm when fish strike. When used as directed, these flakes will not contribute to water clouding. Tetra Fin is an excellent source of Vitamin C. If you would like to buy this Flake Food just click the picture below...

TetraFin Goldfish Flake - 7.06 oz.

500 Gallon Aquarium

Our next Aquarium Supply deal is a super huge 500 gallon rectangle aquarium! This Clear-for-Life acrylic aquarium is deigned for freshwater, saltwater or reef environments. Vivid colors of fish, plants and marine life are enhanced with acrylic due to its greater luminosity. You will find these aquariums 40% brighter, 17% stronger, and 50% lighter than glass. Clear-for-Life aquariums are made in the USA of the finest domestic cast acrylic and backed with a Lifetime Warranty by the manufacturer. If you would like to buy this 500 gallon aquarium just click the picture directly below...

Clear For Life Rectangular Aquarium 500t Clear

Glowlight For Aquarium

The next item from Aquarium Supply is a Large AZOO Glowlight For Aquariums. These corals get the appearance of live coral without all the hassle. They are painted with vibrant neon colors that create a lovely glow effect when seen under a black light. Crafted by master artisans these pieces will create a natural habitat for your fish. Made from pliable synthetic materials, this aquarium decoration helps to replicate the sea’s natural swaying motion. Being completely non-toxic and colorfast, they are also safe and non-fading; thus producing vivid color pleasing to the eye. These corals will enhance the harmony within your tank as the unique material provides protection for the coral from destructive fish while also being a harmless tank inhabitant unlike their real counterparts. A quick rinse with warm water when necessary will be the only maintenance needed; omitting the labor and leaving only the beauty. If you would like to buy this Glowlight for your aquarium just click the picture below...

Azoo Glowlight Large For Aquariums Brown

Stacked Stone Aquarium Decoration

Our next aquarium deal is a Stack of Stones Aquarium Decoration for a saltwater or freshwater aquarium. This rock formation aquarium ornament adds a sense of depth and underwater authenticity to your aquarium. Realistic formations are sure to make your fish feel right at home. If you would like to purchase this aquarium decoration just click the picture below...

Stacked Stone in Gray - X-Large - 13 in. x 7 in. x 12 in.

Extra Large Aquarium Sunken Ship Ornament

Our next deal from Aquarium Supply is an extra large decoration for your aquarium. This decoration work well for larger fish and measures 17 x 8 1/2 x 11 3/4 in. The high seas were too much for this gallant ship, but that doesn't mean the fun has to stop! Extremely beautiful galleon ornaments are detailed right down to the barrels still remaining in their hulls. Various holes and hollow structure make great places for fish to hide and explore. Entire ship (including the other 2 pieces) is 43.3 in x 12 in. x 17 in. If you would like to buy this aquarium decoration just click the picture directly below...

Sunken Galleon Aquarum Ornament - Stern - X-Large - 17 x 8 1/2 x 11 3/4 in.

Aquarium Decoration Bridge

Our next deal here at Aquarium Supply is a simply yet important part to your fish tank. It is essential to give your aquarium fish plenty of hiding spots to help them escape and relieve stress levels. The Great Spire Bridge is a great addition to an aquarium of any size. It measures 6 1/2 in. x 6 1/2 in. x 5 1/2 in and is perfect for smaller fish to hide in. The castles and ramparts of old come to mind when you add this fancy bridge to your aquarium or terrarium. Larger design provides plenty of swimming and hiding nooks and crannies. If you would like to buy this aquarium decoration just click the picture below...

Great Spire Bridge - 6 1/2 in. x 6 1/2 in. x 5 1/2 in.

Automatic Fish Feeder Twin

If you are ever away from your aquarium for a couple days at a time, you need this battery operated Automatic Fish Feeder! The Eheim Twin Fish Feeder makes feeding effortless! It has two chambers to dispense two different types of food up to 3 times a day. As you know it is very important to vary the diet of your aquarium fish to ensure that they stay healthy. With this easy to use, programmable automatic feeder, giving your fish the food they need when they need it is simple! Just load the 160 ml chambers with fish food, program the dispenser, and walk away. The timers can be set to dispense in different intervals and in different quantities, if you prefer, to accommodate the needs of different fish at their active feeding times. It can also be set to feed randomly or to the diet function that skips a day of feeding. The feeder features a large, permanent digital display of the time and set feeding times that you've programmed in, and a battery life display. Uses 4 AA batteries (included). If you would like to buy this Automatic Fish Feeder just click the pic below...

Twin Fish Feeder - Battery Operated

Floating Magnet Aquarium Cleaners

Our next Aquarium Supply deal is a magnetic aquarium cleaner that floats in your aquarium while cleaning it! Perfect for the on the go person who doesn't have time to clean their aquarium all the time. This product features the following...

  • Never get your hands wet again
  • Revolutionary new magnet cleaner floats
  • Easily guide it around corners without sinking
  • No more fighting your magnet cleaner around corners
  • No more knocking over decorations or coral
  • Offered in a variety of sizes
If you would like to buy this Floating Magnetic Aquarium Cleaner just click the picture directly below...
Mag Float Floating Magnet Aquarium Cleaner (Small; 2.5

1 Horse Power Aquarium Heater / Chiller

Our next deal from Aquarium Supply is a heavy duty Heater & Chiller for a large aquarium from Sea Line. This powerful machine features the following

  • Compact, sleek and easy to install for small aquariums
  • 12000 BTU's
  • 30 degree cooling up to 600 gallons, 10 degree cooling up to 1000 gallons
  • 3/4" hose connections
  • Dimensions : 20" x 15.6" x 18.7"
  • Microcomputer control system
  • Extra large refrigerating capacity
  • Anti-corrosive, pure titanium for freshwater and saltwater use.
  • Compressor protection device system built to shut off the circuit automatically to prevent the motor from burning out when the motor is overheated due to overload.
  • Memory temp system that makes the chiller refrigerate continuously according to the last temp setting.
If you would like to purchase this 1HP Aquarium Heater / Chiller from Sea line simply click the picture directly below...

Sea Line 1hp Aquarium Heater/Chiller

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