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1 Horse Power Aquarium Heater / Chiller

Our next deal from Aquarium Supply is a heavy duty Heater & Chiller for a large aquarium from Sea Line. This powerful machine features the following

  • Compact, sleek and easy to install for small aquariums
  • 12000 BTU's
  • 30 degree cooling up to 600 gallons, 10 degree cooling up to 1000 gallons
  • 3/4" hose connections
  • Dimensions : 20" x 15.6" x 18.7"
  • Microcomputer control system
  • Extra large refrigerating capacity
  • Anti-corrosive, pure titanium for freshwater and saltwater use.
  • Compressor protection device system built to shut off the circuit automatically to prevent the motor from burning out when the motor is overheated due to overload.
  • Memory temp system that makes the chiller refrigerate continuously according to the last temp setting.
If you would like to purchase this 1HP Aquarium Heater / Chiller from Sea line simply click the picture directly below...

Sea Line 1hp Aquarium Heater/Chiller

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