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Aquazone Plus 200 Ozonizer and Controller

Our next aquatic deal is a Ozonizer, which will help keep your aquarium clean and healthy. Due to its oxidizing capabilities, ozone kills bacteria and other harmful pathogens and breaks down ammonia and organic waste materials, raising the ORP to desirable levels. One of the most visible results of ozone as part of aquarium filtration is the change in water color from an unappealing yellow cast to a healthy looking clear natural color. The Aquazone range of ozonizers is based on a state-of-the art ozone generator, which utilizes high frequency switching technology specially designed for home aquariums. Features a controller so you can control dosing up to 200 mg/hr. Plus version automatically controls the flow of ozone based on a preset ORP. An easy-to-read digital display lets you easily view the current ORP reading. Includes a built-in redox controller and a 250cc air drier. If you would like to buy this Aquazone Plus 200 Ozonizer and Controller just click the picture below!

Aquazone Plus 200 Ozonizer and Controller

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Michael said...

I have a question, will an ozone generator in a planted tank reduce the effectiveness of liquid plant fertilizers?

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