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Aquarisol 16oz

The next deal from Aquarium Supply is a bottom of Aquari-Sol from Aquarium Products. This is a scientifically formulated effective treatment of Ich, body fungus, clamped fins, velvet, and sluggishness that can be quite common in lots of different aquarium fish. Used on a weekly basis, Aquari-Sol effectively prevents such diseases from infecting your fish. Contains soluble copper salts and is safe for most plants. Please note that this work on freshwater fish only!

Instructions: Use 12 drops per 10 gallons once a week as a preventative. For treatment of existing problem, raise temperature to 85 degrees and dose the same as above, only daily instead of weekly.

Size: 16 oz. (Treats over 8,000 gallons of aquarium water).

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Aquarium Products Aquarisol 16 Oz

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