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Toilet Aquarium Fish N Flush

Ok this next deal from Aquarium Supply is just too cool. If you have ever been sitting on the can wishing you could look at fish, well, wish no longer!

You'll have the coolest bathroom in the neighborhood with the Fish N Flush! This is a fun fashion statement for the homeowner who wants to have something unique... It's a toilet tank AND fish tank all-in-one!

This fully fully functional 2.5 gallon toilet tank has a 2.2 gallon aquarium that can be used to house freshwater fish or saltwater fish. If you don't want fish, use it as a terrarium with plants and small animals such as turtles or lizards, etc. It will entertain children of all ages and could even motivate potty training! In only a few minutes, you can replace your existing toilet tank with this easy to install aquarium. It fits most standard toilets with two-bolt tank to bowl configurations.

This high quality aquarium is constructed of impact resistant clear acrylic and carries a 1 -year warranty! You'll receive the toilet tank with complete flushing system, fish aquarium, lid with built-in feeding door, LED light system, dual undergravel filter with pump, and artifical plants. Just add water, gravel, and fish!

Available with or without LED Light System.

If you would like to buy this Toilet Aquarium from Fish N Flush just click the picture directly below...

Fish'n Flush Toilettank Aquarium With Light

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