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Hagen Cycle Biological Aquarium Supplement

Hagen Cycle Biological Aquarium Supplement is an ideal mixture of massive amounts of beneficial bacteria, nitrosomonas and nitrobacter which will make the water purer and the environment healthier in the aquarium. The super concentrated supplement will work with other beneficial stains to eliminate harmful toxins. As an all natural product it is not harmful to plants, animals or humans. The versatility is reflected by it many uses: when setting up the aquarium, adding fish and after medication use. Each application reduces dangerous ammonia and nitrate levels in the tank. Additionally, use is not restricted to fresh water; but is equally safe in saltwater. Shake well before using, 1 cap full per 10 gallons of water for weekly maintenance. If you would like to purchase this Biological Aquarium Supplement just click the picture directly below...

Hagen Cycle Biological Aquarium Supplement 16oz

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