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Ick Guard

Or next aquarium deal from Aquarium Supply is a must have for anyone with scaleless fish like Loaches or Catfish. Ick Guard II is specially formulated to clear Ick fast on scaleless, small or weak fish. This specially designed formula also guards against secondary infections as a result of wounds left by the ick parasite. No need to raise the water temperature and potentially harm other fish. Safe for freshwater fish and plants of all kinds. Simply add 1 teaspoon per 10 gallons of water. Change 25% of the water before treatment, increase air flow and remove activated carbon during use. Second dose may be added in 24 hours. One bottle of Ick Guard will treat up to 480 gallons! If you would like to buy this Ick Guard just click the picture!

Ick Guard II - 8 oz.

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