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Glowlight For Aquarium

The next item from Aquarium Supply is a Large AZOO Glowlight For Aquariums. These corals get the appearance of live coral without all the hassle. They are painted with vibrant neon colors that create a lovely glow effect when seen under a black light. Crafted by master artisans these pieces will create a natural habitat for your fish. Made from pliable synthetic materials, this aquarium decoration helps to replicate the sea’s natural swaying motion. Being completely non-toxic and colorfast, they are also safe and non-fading; thus producing vivid color pleasing to the eye. These corals will enhance the harmony within your tank as the unique material provides protection for the coral from destructive fish while also being a harmless tank inhabitant unlike their real counterparts. A quick rinse with warm water when necessary will be the only maintenance needed; omitting the labor and leaving only the beauty. If you would like to buy this Glowlight for your aquarium just click the picture below...

Azoo Glowlight Large For Aquariums Brown

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