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Automatic Fish Feeder Twin

If you are ever away from your aquarium for a couple days at a time, you need this battery operated Automatic Fish Feeder! The Eheim Twin Fish Feeder makes feeding effortless! It has two chambers to dispense two different types of food up to 3 times a day. As you know it is very important to vary the diet of your aquarium fish to ensure that they stay healthy. With this easy to use, programmable automatic feeder, giving your fish the food they need when they need it is simple! Just load the 160 ml chambers with fish food, program the dispenser, and walk away. The timers can be set to dispense in different intervals and in different quantities, if you prefer, to accommodate the needs of different fish at their active feeding times. It can also be set to feed randomly or to the diet function that skips a day of feeding. The feeder features a large, permanent digital display of the time and set feeding times that you've programmed in, and a battery life display. Uses 4 AA batteries (included). If you would like to buy this Automatic Fish Feeder just click the pic below...

Twin Fish Feeder - Battery Operated

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