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29 Gallon Aquarium

Our next aquatic deal from Aquarium Supply is a 29 Gallon Aquarium measuring 20.8"L X 19"W X 20.1"H. This Oceanic BioCube Aquarium has all the necessary components built-in, spend your time setting up your ideal environment, then plug it in and enjoy the results! The Oceanic BioCube Aquarium features high-quality components like integrated wet/dry biological filtration with dual overflow intakes, two Coralife compact fluorescent lamps, lunar blue LED lights, remote quick-disconnect ballasts, a UL listed submersible pump with adjustable discharge nozzle and dual fans to dissipate heat. This beautiful aquarium can be used for saltwater or freshwater set-ups. For pricing and availability for this 29 gallon aquarium just click the picture!

Oceanic BioCube 29 Aquarium (20.8

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