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Aquarium Heater

For those of you with fish that are sensitive to temperature changes this next deal is for you. With a new improved design, this automatic aquarium heater is for both fresh and saltwater aquariums. Unit has a precision bi-stable thermostat with plus or minus 1/2º F holding temperature. The temperature setting is an easy to adjust control dial with accurate 1 in. increments from 65 to 93º. Ebo Jagers have a 2mm thick thermal shock resistant glass vs the common 1mm thickness for and extra sturdy construction. Heater also includes a 6 foot double insulated power cord, and a convenient clip-on heater holder. This aquarium heater will work for up to a 60 gallon aquarium. If you would like to buy this aquarium heater just click the picture below...

Ebo Jager Heater - 150W - 13 in. - up to 60 Gallon

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