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12 Gallon Aquarium Kit

For those of you out there that would love an aquarium, but don't want to break the budget this next aquarium deal is for you! The Eclipse System Twelve provides a unique combination of beauty, precision and 3-stage total filtration efficiency for freshwater or marine aquariums. It is a fascinating showpiece for your home, office, or anywhere! The Eclipse System Twelve provides filtration, lighting and maintenance. It is easy to install and operate. No tubing or noisy air pumps are required.

The included twelve gallon, curved front aquarium is made of injection-molded acrylic and it is designed and crafted to provide 360 degrees of clear viewing enjoyment. In the Eclipse 3-stage filtration system, water is pumped from the aquarium through the filter cartridge and then to the patented BIO-Wheel at the certified flow rate of 150gph. This ensures 100% water-to media contact without bypass. The hinged Access Panel opens effortlessly for easy feeding, maintenance and quick media changes.

The Eclipse Filter Cartridge supplies both mechanical and chemical filtration. For mechanical filtration, there's a polyfiber filter pad to trap dirt and debris like uneaten food and fish waste. For chemical filtration, each cartridge is packed with Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon. Chemical Filtration uses activated carbon to adsorb dissolved pollutants which can cause discoloration and odor. Biological Filtration is the most important kind of filtration. The patented Eclipse BIO-Wheel is the undisputed best when it comes to biological filtration. As the BIO-Wheel rotates, it contacts water and air and provides bacteria with oxygen they need to grow, flourish and remove more ammonia. Because the BIO-Wheel is a wet/dry biological filter, it provides bacteria more oxygen than any underwater biological filtration. More oxygen means more bacteria working many times harder to keep your tank ammonia-free and sparkling clean.The BIO-Wheel never clogs and never needs replaced. It requires virtually no maintenance.

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Eclipse System 12 Aquarium Kit - 12 Gallon

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