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34 Gallon Aquarium

If you want a high quality aquarium with a stand and a lighting system this next aquarium deal from Solana is for you!

The complete modern aquarium system, the Solana combines the newest advances in aquatic technology with extreme style to create a piece of aquatic furniture for the sophisticated taste. The Solana 34 gallon Aquarium from Current features frameless beveled glass panels, integrated bio-filtration and a black background. The Solana also features a frameless cube design with beveled glass edges and a conveniently hidden filtration system that includes a protein skimmer, built-in freshwater top-off system, 3-stage filtration, dedicated heater section and a flexible return nozzle with dual outlets!

The stand has a full access drawer for storing food and supplies and a recessed glass door with adjustable shelf. The pendant lighting system features 150W HQI lighting without noisy fans! The fully adjustable lighting arm lets you set your desired performance. If you would like to learn more or purchase this 34 gallon aquarium kit for $799.99 or less just click the picture directly below...

34 Gallon Solana Aquarium with 150W HQI Pendant and Stand - Black

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