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10 Gallon Glass Aquarium With Bow Front

The next deal from Aquarium Supply is a perfect starter aquarium! Our Aquatic Edge Bowfront Glass Aquarium is a fabulous little tank for both new and advanced hobbyists. It's perfect for many uses...

* Space saving desktop aquarium for your office
* Starter aquarium for beginners
* Mini saltwater or nano reef tank
* Quarantine or hospital aquarium
* Breeder tank for feeder fish
* Enclosed amphibian or reptile habitat

The guesswork out of choosing aquarium components. This cost saving aquarium comes with an energy saving 23 watt compact fluorescent lamp, easy feeding lid, and a complete triple filtration system featuring mechanical, chemical, and biological filters.

The 23 watt compact fluorescent lamp saves money by using 80% less electricity while producting a higher light output over standard bulbs.

Aquarium water is quietly pumped up through the under gravel filter and into the hood where it is delivered to the carbon filter cartridges. Cleaned water flows over the biological sponge filter wheel and is returned to the aquarium.

If you would like to buy this 10 Gallon Aquarium just click the picture directly below...
Aquatic Edge Bow Front Glass Aquarium 10 Gallon

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