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Current USA Outer Orbit Fixture

The next deal from Aquarium Supply is a must have for those with a large tank. The Current USA Outer Orbit Fixture is a spectacular 24-hour lighting solution that combines 10,000k PowerPaq HQI Metal Halides, SunPaq Dual Actinics and Moon White Lunar Lights into one sleek, integrated fixture that brings out the real colors in your reef tank. Sleek hanging stainless hardware and docking mounts included. Independent 6 ft. power cords allow independent control of the Dual Actinics, PowerPaq HQI Metal Halides and Moon White Lunar Lights. The PowerPaq 10,000k Metal Halide will make your corals thrive with stunning intensity and awesome color rendition. Packed with lumens the 10,000k provides the natural shimmering effect found on coral reefs. Coupled with the highly efficient electronic driving system the 10,000k Daylight PowerPaq produces more lumens per watt than any comparable lamp or fixture. Enhancing the 10,000k Daylight are the revolutionary Dual Actinic Lamps providing both 460nm and 420nm Actinic in one lamp. Emitting the necessary energy for activating photosynthesis in chlorophyll A and C, the Dual Actinic provides the most complete actinic lighting spectrum available. Completing the 24-hour lighting cycle are the Moon White Lunar Lights casting a natural moon glow over your aquarium, creating the perfect environment for viewing nocturnal habits and stimulating spawning. Specifications: Length – 36 in. Bulbs – (1) 150 Watt 10,000k PowerPaq and (2) 96 Watt Dual Actinic 420nm/460nm Lunar Lights – 4 Size: 36" x 15" x 4.25"

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Current Usa Out Orbit 10k/Actinic 72in 3x150/4x96

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