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Maracyn Saltwater Powder

Our next aquarium deal is a 16 pack of Mardel Laboratories Maracyn Saltwater Powder.  This powder is super fast-dissolving and has a quick-acting Antibiotic (Erythromycin) that is recommended for the treatment of body fungus, fin and tail rot, popeye, gill disease and secondary infections. Erythromycin is a broad-spectrum antibiotic containing B-complex vitamins which has been shown to be effective against a number of pathogenic bacteria associated with ornamental fish disease. Maracyn Powder Saltwater contains B complex vitamins to stimulate metabolism and improve the appetite of fish. Maracyn does not color the water and will not interfere with the biological filter. For saltwater use only. Instructions: Use of a hospital tank is recommended. Use one packet per 20 gallons of water and repeat every 24 hours for 5 days. Powder should be administered into the tank (not the filter). The powder dissolves rapidly and circulates through the water.

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Mardel Laboratories Maracyn Saltwater Powder 16pk

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