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Bio-Pure Freeze Dried Bloodworms

Our next deal is part of our Fish Food Spectacular Sale going on now! These Freeze Dried Blood Worms are an excellent daily diet or a nice treat for all tropical fish. These Blood Worms are 100% free of parasites and harmful bacteria. Enriched with multi-vitamins to reduce stress and stress related illness. The technologically advanced freeze-drying process maintains original nutrition, flavor, and texture previously only available with live blood worms. Oxygen absorbers and nitrogen charging significantly reduce oxidation. Quickly softens when put in water.

Hikari's Bio Pure FD products never contain artificial colors or preservatives. After opening please keep the container out of direct sunlight, high heat or humidity that can cause the contents to degrade rapidly.

If you would like to buy this 1.76oz container of Freeze Dried Bloodworms just click the picture below...
Bio-Pure Freeze Dried Bloodworms - 1.76 oz.

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