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Tubifex Cubes On Sale!

The next deal from Aquarium Supply is a 3.8oz container of Tubifex Cubes! As you might already know, Tubifex worms are a widely accepted staple food supplement for aquarium fish. Each cub is packed with natural and essential nutrients your fish require in their diets. Convenient to use compressed Tubifex Worm Cubes may be crumbled to accommodate small fish, or fed whole to medium and larger varieties. They provide essential nutrients and are the perfect food supplement for Freshwater, Marine Fish, African Cichlids, Turtles, Newts, Underwater Frogs, and other amphibian species. This natural food is the safe, easy and ideal substitute to feeding live foods.  If you would like to buy these Tubifex Cubes just click the picture directly below or check out our full supply of Tubifex

Aqua Select Tubifex Cubes - 3.88 oz.

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